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October 25th, 2010
Focal Point Custom Interior Designs

Focal Point Custom Interior Designs

Visiting Tuscany, Italy is an adventure that will remain in one’s favorite memories forever.  The houses are built of stone and have terracotta tile roofs.  The use of natural colors, weathered by time, makes the houses picturesque and unlike any other houses in existence. The people have a technique of bringing the outdoors into the homes, with colors and design, which makes the décor very unique.

The interior of houses follow this theme.

  • Walls are of a neutral color, white, soft yellow or beige.  Burnt orange, olive green, and other colors are also used.
  • Tuscan walls are usually textured which brings more emphasis on the colors.
  • Rich colors in curtains, pillows, and other furnishings bring a warm and welcoming air to the rooms.
  • The use of marble and scrolled iron work is prevalent in most of the homes as well as other buildings.
  • The wooden furniture shines, showing loving care over the years.
  • The leather furniture is embossed with special designs and comfort is evident throughout the rooms.
  • A warm comfortable feeling prevails.
  • Colorfully designed tiles often prevail in a Tuscan kitchen on floors, on the countertops, and in the patio area giving them a distinct appeal to the viewer’s eye.

It is not difficult to adapt this design into the modern home.  Starting with one room, the living room, for example, one might paint three walls in a soft yellow with one wall burnt orange (the focal point).  This wall might have a very large, interesting picture in the middle of the wall with a soft light strip overhead, or underneath, to capture a visitor’s attention.

While the floors in Tuscan homes are usually of rough planks or natural stone, this is usually not practical in today’s modern house; however, the floor in the designed living room would be very dramatic if it were tiled in an intricate pattern, possibly in brown, yellow, terra cotta, or something to fit in with the wall coloring.  If desired a removable rug could be attractively arranged in a certain specific area, possibly in front of the sofa.

Tuscan style furniture should emphasize iron and wood and have clear and simple lines.  This furniture should be of a unique design, yet comfortable and attractive.  It is best to find furniture made of natural wood which can be polished to a high degree, yet retain the look of being old and well-cared for with bright colored coverings.  The key to having a good Tuscan style room is to use textiles, colored tiles and other materials which reflect the beauty of nature.  Fall colors are an excellent example with their yellows, browns, and greens.

The use of marble is prevalent in Tuscan homes.  This might be reflected by having a statue or other items carved from marble in a very prominent place, possibly displayed with a small light reflecting it.  Another possibility is having a well-designed table with a marble top.  With other lighting it is common to have a hanging chandelier as the main light fixture with a few other items highlighted when necessary.

The main thing about Tuscan design is that it is an old world look.  The room needs to be designed to give the feeling of being comfortable and well-cared for.  The guest who enters such a room will immediately be impressed by the unique beauty and have a sense of entering a place where careful love and thoughtful design has gone into its arrangement.


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