Staging to Sell – 10 Tips to Set Your Listing Above the Competition

March 3rd, 2014

As a Realtor® you know there are three important factors that come into play for getting your listing ready to sell. These three factors are price, location and presentation. There is nothing you can do about location, and most agents are quick to reduce price after a sufficient amount of time without any offers.

It is important to remember that you can affect the presentation of your listing through staging. Staging brings aesthetic appeal to your listing and displays the home asa livable space rather than just empty rooms. it allows the buyer to visualize himself in the home – adding to the desirableness of the property.

Below are 10 quick tips to share with your client to ensure staging success:

  1. Hire a home stager with a portfolio and/or relevant experience in the real estate industry. Whether the stager is working with the client’s existing furnishing, bringing in rental furniture, or both, enlisting a professional to stage the home will only enhance the “WOW” factor for a potential buyer.
  2. Start at the curb. Look for ways to bring in color and to enhance the first impression.
  3. Check the front door. A fresh coat of paint or re-staining will make all the difference when prospective buyers drive up.
  4. Make sure the trees are trimmed, light fixtures are cleaned and have working bulbs, cracks are sealed, and hoses are out of sight.
  5. Clean windows and screens, especially those on the front of the house.
  6. Hide the trash bins from the kitchen either in the laundry room or garage.
  7. Pre-pack photos and other personal items. Keep larger pieces of art and accessories for the staging process.
  8. Use touch-up paint where needed. If your client cannot remember the name of the paint color or finish, simply go to Home Depot with a quarter-sized sample of the paint scraped from one of the walls (from within a closet or other non-conspicicuous place), and they will perfectly match it for you.
  9. Create scent appeal
  10. Keep the kitchen and bathroom counters clear of items used each day. Use a small basket to move these items in and out of cabinets as needed.

Make staging an essential step in marketing your listing. Remember, staging a home is less expensive than price reduction.

For more information on staging your listing or for assistance with finding vendors for repairs or remodeling, contact iSearchDecor at 855.774.7327


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