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December 26th, 2011


Your home office can often be the last room in your home to decorate.  Although it is a space where more people are spending a larger majority of their time, it is often the space that eludes people when it comes to decorating. Quite often it is the “catch all” room that serves as more of a storage space than what its actual purpose is.   How do you mix design with the corporate “function” of the space?  How do you link professionalism with comfort? Following these few tips will help you achieve this task.

  • There are a few essentials that every home office needs: a proper work station, adequate lighting, ample storage, and sufficient space for computer equipment and other electronics.
  • Position your desk in a strategic place to optimize light, comfort, and flow in the room. Invest in a comfortable office chair with casters for easy movement.
  • If space is tight, consider an armoire desk that takes up less area and can be closed up when you are not working. This can be especially useful if the room is being used for more than one purpose such as a guest bedroom.
  • Ensure the furnishings, wall color, and accessories are visually appealing and make you feel comfortable while motivating and inspiring you to be productive and creative.
  • Soften the “corporate” look of the room with family photos, plants and some personal effects.
  • If space allows, consider a wall of bookshelves with open shelving as well as closed cabinetry to house files, paper, print cartridges and other office supplies. This will not only keep you organized, it will look fantastic!
  • Your home office does not need to be expansive to be effective. It just needs to have the basics in a functional and organized manner. Adding your own personal twist will make it uniquely your own.

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