Decorating High Ledges and Spaces

December 22nd, 2011

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A common decorating dilemma is what to do with high ledges and empty spaces.  The following ideas will show you how to turn these forgotten areas into decorative showcases.
·         Look up! Are there cabinets, armoires, niches that could use a little pizzazz? Highlight these spaces with interesting groupings of baskets, glassware, candles, or collectibles.
·         Color and texture are essential to the visual interest of the display. Mix it up with diverse sizes, colors and materials.
·         To create a lofty focal point, add simple arrangements of items you find interesting. Items need not be expensive.  Their sentimental value, charm or whimsy makes them valuable parts of an attractive collection.
·         High spaces are perfect for storing fragile items where they can remain visible but out of harm’s way. Use plate holders to secure fragile objects.
·         Your kitchen is a perfect place in your home to decorate high ledges and empty spaces.  Create groupings of glass bottles, pottery, grapevine branches and framed pictures of various sizes to draw the eye up.
·         Because the view is slightly distorted when you look up to see the display, remember to keep larger and taller pieces to the back of the shelf and smaller items should take a prominent front seat.
·         Keep enough space between each of the items so that each can be appreciated but still give a sense of cohesion.
·         Add a seasonal twist. Create a Fall display of colorful foliage, gourds and pumpkins or a magical Christmas array of scented candles, pine boughs, holly branches and wooden nutcrackers.
·         Add directional lighting to spotlight these eye-catching spaces.
·         Showcase your special interests, hobbies and imagination on top of hutches, dressers or armoires. This not only creates visual appeal it is a reflection of your own unique personality.
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