3 Steps in Selecting a Garage Door

November 2nd, 2013

Garage Doors

With a range of options, a new garage door can upgrade the look of your home.  Typically your garage door represents over 40% of your home’s exterior.

Use these 3 steps when choosing the right garage door for your home.

1. Choose a Style

Make sure you match the design of the home with the design of the door. If the home is more modern, select a door with strong lines that move in the same direction of the other exterior features. For a traditional home with stone on the exterior, consider carriage style garage doors.

2. Choose a Material

Decide if you prefer a low-maintenance material. If so, select a steel door vs. a wood door. Steel doors have longer warranties than wood doors. Typically a wood door needs to be painted as frequently as the wood trim on your home due to weathering.

3. Select a Collection

Select the door design that makes a statement and that complements your home.  You can also personalize your garage doors by selecting window panels, door panels, colors, insulation and/or decorative hardware.

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