Top 10 Design Accessory Must-Haves (UPD)

December 10th, 2011
Courtesy of Southern Home

Courtesy of Southern Home

Every home, regardless of size or grandeur, must have the following top 10 design accessories to enhance the living space and make it feel warm and inviting:

    1. Cushions.  Lots and lots of cushions on your sofa, armchairs, floor, you name it.  Mix and match colors, textures and sizes to create visual appeal and a real sense of comfort.
    2. Candles. Create ambience with groupings of candles in various shapes, sizes and colors. Tealights, votives, pillars, round, square, or liquid, the options are limitless.  If you are sensitive to the scent of candles, most manufacturers make scent-free varieties for you to enjoy.
    3. Rugs. Area rugs create visual interest through their design, texture and esthetic appeal.  Area rugs can be placed in virtually every room of your home to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
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    5. Plants. Need to fill in that empty corner? Do you have a desire to bring the outdoors in? Do it with plants.  Either living or artificial, plants provide a sense of peace and tranquility.  If you do not have a green thumb, most high quality, artificial silk plants look like the real thing.
    6. Mirrors.  Every home needs mirrors.  They can alter the dimensions of any space by making rooms feel larger; hallways longer; and can reflect light into dark spaces.
    7. Personal collections.  Make your home your own by displaying personal collections of items that mean the most to you.
    8. Artwork. From posters to oil paintings, photography to sculpture, artwork is a vital component of any home.  It not only fills up unused wall space, it gives an indication of the homeowner’s personality and taste.
    9. Reading material. Whether you are a classical book lover or only enjoy reading the cover of your favorite magazine, displaying reading material throughout your house gives it that comfortable, “lived in” feel.
    10. Family photos.  Show off your family by displaying groupings of family photos on a wall, sofa- back table or shelving.
    11. Fresh flowers. Not only do fresh flowers look beautiful they emit such a lovely fragrance how could you decorate your home without them?  Choose seasonal varieties that are low maintenance, long lasting and eye-catching.

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