2014 Spring Landscaping Trends

April 7th, 2014

Now that the spring season is in full swing, it is the perfect time to bring curb appeal back to your home. What better way to do it than by implementing this year’s spring landscaping trends? Spring hosts prime weather for installing new plants and flowers, allowing you the most freedom in landscape design. Here are some landscaping trends that can help turn your home into a guaranteed show-stopper!

California Curve Appeal

With perfect weather year around, California sets many of the trends to date. Curved brick walkways with lush flowerbeds bordering the edges and an over-the-door arbor are classic to California design. Try switching it up by substituting brick with stone and feel free to use a color scheme that works best with your home. Also, be sure to pick flowers that complement the paint. Yellow and red works best with warmer colors, while greens, blues and whites go well with cooler colors. If your home is a shade of cream or white, you can pick any combination of colors, as long as it complements your outdoor fixtures as well.

Splendid Seating

Custom CushionsA beautiful yard is not complete without seating. After all, how can you observe the landscaping if there isn’t a place to sit and enjoy it? Outdoor benches are the latest trend in landscaping design. Cushion the bench with a couple all-weather pillows and you have a perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air. If you’re looking to do something more ambitious, consider installing a bench with permanent planting fixtures. Each season you can switch out the flowers and cushions without having to worry about the extra cost of potting.

Brass Fixtures

Brass is making a comeback! Typically used for indoor fixtures, brass makes an unconventional fixture option for porches and back yards. Brass fixtures add a rustic flair to the design of your home and offer a lot of versatility in texture and shade. Door handles and lighting fixtures are the best way to implement brass into your outdoor landscape design.

Terra-cotta planters

terracottaThe deep red-orange hue of terra-cotta complements almost any flower scheme and plant combination. It doesn’t matter if your home is colonial style, Italian rustic or modern chic. Terra-cotta planters can add flair and class to any home if done correctly. Imagine coming home to a walkway lined with terra-cotta planters and blooming flowers—Yes, we love the sight of it too!

Now that you have the ideas, it’s time to get to work. If you need help planning and/or building your dream yard, please feel free to visit our website or call us at 480-619.5505 We have a large network of reputable and professional vendors that can assist you with whatever home service you may need.

Happy landscaping!


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