Making a House Feel “Homey”

March 29th, 2011

Sometimes people walk into someone’s home and think, “Isn’t this homey?”  Different from beautiful, elegant, or “a wreck,” homey has its own meaning, generating feelings of warmth, comfort, and welcome.  But when you think about it, what makes us experience that snug feeling when we walk into some homes and not in others.  Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to come from a designer nor your grandmother’s furniture to achieve that feeling in your own home…and it doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

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Cozy Living Room

Cozy Living Room

There are some basic components in every “homey” abode that are easy to achieve without a lot of expense:

  • Get personal – Homes that exude that feeling of comfort are not short on photos displayed in a variety of frame styles, textures, and colors.  It’s okay to put the floral poof frame next to the ornate gold one.  The mixing and matching of elements warms up the space, but make sure that the frames you bring in match the décor.  Group themes together, as well, such as heritage in one spot and current family in another.  On walls select either a picture large enough for the space or group pictures of similar themes together.
  • Arrange your Space – Generally people are less comfortable if they have to yell across the room or table to talk to you.  Therefore, you need to arrange your spaces as if you have someone with you while your working and you’re trying to create a cozy space for the two of you.  In the living room and family rooms conversation pits help encourage interaction without the focus being on external equipment such as televisions and video games.  In bedrooms consider how your guest might feel the minute they walk into the room.  Does the arrangement and style of the bedroom furniture scream, “Welcome, lay on me,” or does it say, “Don’t you dare wrinkle the bedspread,”?  Just planning out the arrangement of the furniture can make all the difference in the world in how the home feels.
  • Add comfy cushions and throw rugs – Whether in the living room, family room, or bedroom, cushions add an element of warmth and comfort to any room so be generous with the padding.  Mixing textures, colors, and patterns, especially if you have solid colors in the background, quickly warm up a space and say, “Take a load off, enjoy.”  Additionally, varying the shape add an element of interest.  Best of all, this can be as easy as taking an old pillow, cutting it in half, and making a new cover out of some old piece of fabric such as a robe, curtain, tablecloth, or sheet.  Throw rugs also enhance appeal while bringing accent colors to floors.
  • Bring in a touch of nature – Live foliage adds a considerable amount of warmth to any living space as well as an inviting appeal.  Whether you choose to utilize a large floor container with a tall powerful plant, a pedestal with a large and delicate greenery, or smaller pots filled with a variety of flora, adding plants to any room sends a positive message to family as well as guests making everyone feel calm and comfortable

Making a house homey is easy and inexpensive.  You need to bring in elements of personal style, but also add warmth and character to the living space by adding simplistic elements which may not cost you anything.  Everyone is more comfortable in a space that says they’re welcome and it will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you’ve made each room as comfortable and inviting as possible.


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