Decorating on a Budget

June 2nd, 2010

“The home is where the heart is” is a term that originated many, many years ago.  It is just as true today as when it was originally quoted.  The home is where the family gathers.  It is where memories are made and where one comes at the end of the day.  It is important, therefore, that this “heart” be so welcoming and attractive that the family, as well as visitors, feels comfortable and welcome.

Today is not an easy time for many people.  Some have had to give up their homes or have a much reduced income.  It is important to remember that a “home” is still a “home,” no matter where.  There is no reason that the home cannot be comfortable and attractive even if it is a lot smaller or a lot different than one has previously gotten used to.  It is usually up to the woman of the house to make this come about, even though the money may be scarce.  Following are some suggestions which, it is hoped, will be helpful in this regard.

  • Clean the house. Be sure that clothes, toys and other items are picked up and put away.  Be sure the floors are mopped, vacuumed or whatever and magazines or books are properly stored.  Is the bathroom tub, shower, wash basin clean and the counter cleared?
  • Look at what you have.  Do you have too much furniture crowded in a small space?  Is it really important to keep that old throw rug that has gotten ragged over time?  Do you have to have that old chair just because it’s been there a long time?  Get rid of what you do not need by having a yard sale, using Craig’s List on the internet, or donate it to a charity.
  • Do you have a chair that needs recovering? It takes time, but it can be done fairly easily.  Check the thrift stores or store remnants section for material.  Carefully take off the old covering and use it for a pattern.  Cut out the new material, sew along the same seam lines as the original, and replace it on the chair.  You might have to purchase new tacks or brads to secure the edges.
  • Do the pillows on your sofa look like they came over on the Mayflower? Again, go to the thrift stores for fabric and make new covers.  Fabric in the thrift stores and at yard sales is really inexpensive.
  • Do you need new curtains? Again, hit the thrift stores and yard sales.  Curtain panels can be picked up for $1.00 each and can give an entirely new look to a room.  Drapes are also available and usually go for $2.00 each or less if you buy the set.
  • Attractive decorative dishes and framed pictures are available for practically nothing and can give a beautiful look to a room.

A beautiful and welcoming home is at your fingertips and you can make it happen.  And throughout your family’s lifetime, they remember, with pride, the beautiful home you made for them when times were difficult.


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