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July 17th, 2011

iSearchDecor-Get-MatchesWild black cherry… one might hear this and think of a tantalizing drink that could quench a deep thirst. But we’re talking about the wild black cherry tree, a species native to the central and eastern United States. Growing up to 80 feet tall, the ripe fruit is dark and bitter, and used to produce wines and jellies. Cough syrup is made from its bark, and — here’s the best part — furniture is made from its hearty wood. Nature makes its mark on the grain, boasting splits and knots that reveal its Appalachian character and create a unique stamp on each piece of furniture. But when hand-planed to a smooth finish, the wood begs to be touched.

This beautiful desk fits perfectly into any home with its functionality and style.  Coupled with an upholstered chair, this desk can even work within a master bedroom sitting area.

Decorative Cherry Wood Office Desk

Decorative Cherry Wood Office Desk from European Home


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Nobody knows wild black cherry like the folks at MacKenzie-Dow in West Virginia, and the superb craftsmanship turned out by the men and women who work there is why we carry a select few of their one-of-a–kind, solid wood pieces at European Home.

It’s no surprise that it makes our day when we discover a piece of 18th or 19th century furniture to bring home to the states for our customers. But we were equally excited about finding this desk… computer-friendly for 9:00 to 5:00, but ready for dinner after hours. Sustainable, made with centuries-old woodworking techniques, and practical for today’s world. Now that quenches our thirst for a great piece of furniture.


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