Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Refacing, Replacing

iSearch-Get-Started-Box Refinishing Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Refinish means to paint or stain the existing cabinet doors, drawer fronts & frames in place.
The countertop, sink & fixtures can remain in place OR be changed.

When to Refinish?
• Cabinet doors are in good condition
• Don’t want to change the height of the cabinets (ie: bathrooms)
• You are happy with the door style and door fronts
• Interiors are in good condition with no water damage or holes
• Budget is limited

Refacing Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Reface means to paint or stain the existing frames PLUS install new cabinet doors and door fronts.
The countertop, sink & fixtures can remain in place OR be changed.

When to Reface?
• Cabinetry is damaged or doors are falling off
• You want to change the style of the doors
• You are satisfied with the functionality or want to make minor
• You want to conceal hinges and full overlay doors with a small
amount of gap between doors and drawers
• You have a bit more in your budget and want a noticeable update
Typical Pricing Range: Double cost of Refinishing

Replacing Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Replace means to buy new cabinetry.

Typically requires new countertop, an undermount sink & new fixtures.

When to Replace?
• You want to raise the height of your bathroom cabinets
• You want more drawers in your bathroom vanity
• The footprint, layout will change (ie. walls will be moved or extended)
• You want to remove a soffit and the height of the wall and wall cabinets will increase
• You are changing your appliances, and they require different opening widths
• Your budget will allow for the additional expense

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