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Finding the perfect furniture stores that reflect your unique style at a price within your budget can be a daunting task.

However, if you have a few basic questions answered before you begin your hunt, your task will go much more smoothly.  Three important questions to answer are:  1) What exactly am I looking for?  2) What design style am I trying to achieve? 3) What is the budget for my project?

What exactly am I looking for while shopping for furniture?

This question can be answered by taking inventory of the exact items that are needed for your home.  Whether you are looking to buy:

  • a single sofa
  • a complete set of living room furniture
  • dining room furniture
  • outdoor patio furniture
  • bedroom furniture
  • home office furniture
  • bar stools
  • kids furniture

Itemize everything that is needed before venturing out of your home.  There are better discounts when you buy in volume, so know what you need before you start on your shopping journey in order to maximize your dollar.

Furniture stores can be spread out across many cities in the metro area.  Be open to traveling to areas out of your 10-mile comfort zone.  It is at these local hidden gems you will find your best values.  A savvy shopper will stay away from big named furniture stores on main streets as well as stores that advertise on T.V.  These stores will typically be higher in price in the long run.

What design style am I trying to achieve?

For some reason this question tends to be the most difficult for folks who are redecorating.  The best way to identify your unique style is to look through magazines and cut out the pictures that best represent the look you are trying to achieve.  You can then take these pictures with you on your shopping extravaganza and ask the design expert at each store for the appropriate name for the style you have chosen.  Most furniture stores have a complete inventory of styles that incorporate:

–       Rustic furniture

–       Southwest furniture

–       Mexican furniture (which can be very different than southwest furniture)

–       Modern and Contemporary furniture

–       Western furniture (which is very different from the Southwest and Mexican furniture)

–       Vintage furniture (which often times includes Antique furniture)

Another style growing in popularity is the urban style.  Urban furniture can typically be found in contemporary furniture stores. The main difference between the urban style and the contemporary style of furniture is the urban look is a bit more comfy and plush and not quite as sleek as the true contemporary look.  Both styles offer clean lines and tend to consist of the neutral, grey, black and white color palette.

There is nothing wrong with mixing different styles together and creating an eclectic look that is your own unique style.  Your furniture collection might primarily consist of urban and more modern or contemporary furniture integrated with a few pieces of rustic Mexican furniture that will surely add charm to your décor.  There is a full array of distressed wooden tables that will work as terrific accent pieces. There really are no boundaries to what you can do to create your vision of luxury for your home.

What is my budget for my project?

It is important to determine a budget for your furniture shopping. This will allow you the comfort of knowing how much you can spend in order to accommodate all of your needs now, or what you will have to hold off on and plan for future purchases.  There are many furniture outlet stores, however, if you are looking for high quality and unique items that are not mass-produced, venture into the locally-owned smaller furniture stores.

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Our Service allows you to be very specific about what you are looking for.  Not only can you specify by room your exact needs, you can also drill down into details such as whether you are looking for custom furniture vs. furniture off the floor.  You can select details like upholstery vs. leather furniture, and even whether or not you want a murphy bed in your home office.

All of the furniture stores in the iSearchDecor system are locally-owned businesses, with outstanding Better Business Bureau records.  They are the true “hidden gems” of the area that would be very difficult to find on your own.  In addition, iSearchDecor has pre-negotiated unadvertised savings that are exclusive to iSearchDecor users.  It is a fantastic way to save both time and money on your next redecorating project.

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